King Crimson – Red (1974)

February 2, 2011


King Crimson’s Red (1974) is one of at least three masterpiece’s led by various ensembles unified by the guitar work of Robert Fripp. The back of the CD case bears a tachometer clearly in the red. The first song, “Red” is a ferocious monster, heavy, fast, and awesome. Every time the music indicates it might let up, it “revs” back up. The eponymous instrumental sets the mood but not the tone of the rest of the album, as “Fallen Angel” is considerably more sonically varied.

The highlight of Red (1974), however, is the album’s closer “Starless”, a 12 minute masterpiece. Starless is possibly the best King Crimson song of any configuration of the group.


One Response to “King Crimson – Red (1974)”

  1. ‘Starless’ is definitely one of Crimson’s best songs. I love this album because there’s a greater emphasis put on the vocal melodies, without sacrificing the proggy instrumental sections.

    Great blog, I’ll be reading it.

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